Rocks Come From The Ground, Not The Sky

11 Dec

December 10, 2016

Somewhere i remember reading in the Gospels that we seek the kingdom of Heaven within us, not outside us. Likewise, i realize the so-called kingdom of Satan is also within us, not outside us. I don’t believe that Satan is a real being, rather, it is like the generic term given to our own Ego. But not just our Ego, but the selfish part of our Ego. Satan was symbolized by the serpent so that we get the impression that Satan is evil, and scary, and yucky. And what about all those so-called angels of Satan who were cast down out of Heaven? I think Satan’s angels are the things that serve Satan, such as, evil thoughts, hatred, greed, pride, lust and other forms of self-love, such as addictions and such. These are inner demons. These are the angels of Satan that were cast down with Eve and Adam with their selfish ego that disobeyed God. We read a lot about Jesus casting out unclean spirits from people. I suppose in the bronze age, people believed evil spirits are what caused illnesses, and when Jesus cured people, they called it “casting out evil spirits”. But what Jesus did was more than just spiritually casting out spirits, Jesus straightened bones, and strengthed flesh, and cleared people’s eyes that were blinded. Jesus performed actual miracle cures.

I realize now when Jesus says that some evil spirits can only be cast out by “fasting and prayer”, He is not talking about me, for example, fasting and praying over someone who is addicted to meth, for example. Jesus is talking about that person who is addicted to meth must do the fasting and praying. No one else can do it for him. It reminds me where Scripture says that God’s ears are closed to sinners. God is not listening to prayers from sinners. If people don’t dedicate their life to God and obey all His commandments, then God does not answer their prayers. God won’t help someone who won’t help themselves. It does no good to pray for them. If they prayed for themselves, then you wouldn’t need to pray for them. For example, if a person prays to God for help, and wants this and that, or some money, and then afterwards goes around taking God’s HOly Name in vain and blaspheming God’s Name, God is not going to be pleased. No, God is not listening to those prayers. God is not going to help people who don’t dedicate themselves to God. You have to have a friendship built up with God, you can’t go around cursing His Name and expect Him to answer your prayers and give you a bunch of money, or whatever it is you’re praying for. Before you can expect anything from God, you must first be obedient to all His commandments, the best that you can. Then make it your daily prayer to request whatever you want from God, or whatever you want to do for God. But it has to start with being obedient first. That is the first key. We have to have God help us to do anything, because without God, we can do nothing. People cannot serve two masters. They cannot serve their own body, and God, at the same time. People can deny the flesh and serve God, or deny God and serve the body. I have learned that when we become Christians, it is so much more than just waking up and saying a prayer to Jesus, then forgetting about Him the rest of the day. It means spending every day with Jesus, and every day being dedicated to God and keeping all His commandments. It means being dedicated to living a life that is not of this world.



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