8 Dec

December 7, 2016

I think i mentioned before that there are more animals than people in Heaven, and people who are not kind to animals will never go to Heaven. Certainly there will be no animal murderers in Heaven. God asks people to stop sinning, and when they refuse to stop on their own free will, then God has no choice but to throw them in Fire. Then it’s guaranteed they will stop. Sometimes i say the end of the world will be the end of evil. ONe thing it will be is the end of sinning. There will be no willfully disobedient people left. I did mention before that God said when we die, we will quickly forget all about dying, because of the wonders that await us. Likewise for sinners, they think they have it made, and nothing can ever happen to them for all their sins. But as soon as they die, they too quickly forget all about this world, but it’s because of the horrors that await them.

Earlier i mentioned about how wrong it is to kill an animal just to steal it’s coat. People who do this think that since they have more power, and the animal is completely weak and defenseless, they can do whatever they want to the animal. They think that makes it ‘right’. But it is never righteous to be cruel to any creature, human or beast. People think that’s the way it should be. They like it that way, to kill, and take whatever they want. But when it happens to them, they quickly change their tune. When someone bigger comes to kill them and take their skin, they start crying out to God “How can you let this happen to me”. They no longer think it’s good, and they don’t like it anymore. They only like it when they are the biggest, taking what they want from the weak. God gave that animal it’s life, what makes you think you have the right to take it away? God gave that animal it’s coat, what makes you think you have the right to take it away? You don’t. Don’t you know, the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away? Now it’s a big problem. How are you going to pay it back? How are you going to replace it? It’s not like stealing a candy bar. Here , i will pay you for the candy bar i stole. I will work and pay off what i owe. But when you take a life, you have taken something you cannot pay back. How are you going to pay back that animal for it’s life you took? You can’t, and so you are going to pay with your life. It’s a big problem because people are stealing things they can’t give back. How do you pay for something you can’t pay back? You pay Forever.

I thought about the so-called New world order, and i realized that once the people in charge of the new world order get control, regular people will unlikely never be able to regain control, or live normal lives, ever again. Once they take power, they will have power over the entire world, and unlikely anyone could overthrow them. So people’s best option would be to thwart the new world order before they take over, otherwise it will be too late. By the time people find out what’s going on, the elite will have chemically castrated the military personnel with vaccines, the average citizen will find himself forced to receive vaccines that end up turning him into a brain dead idiot and all the children will be stunted and sterilized. People will be like “What happened” and they will suddenly find themselves second class citizens, being sent to extermination camps because to the elite, they are a waste of food and oxygen. It could happen. If people weren’t paying attention, the government could build a bunch of FEMA camp prisons, force mandatory vaccinations on people, elect a KKK freemason president, pass laws to give them the right to “cull” people, and if enough people were just sitting around doing nothing, it could very well happen.



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