Face Your Fears

8 Dec

December 7, 2016

If you wonder what the new world order might be like, try to imagine if the Nazi’s had won WW2, and took over the entire world.

Most of the time i like to smoke cannabis, but not always that much. I like it because it gives me what i consider an expanded consciousness. It helps me to think ‘outside the box’ that society puts on us. The downside is that it also can cause paranoia, enough paranoia that it ruins the fun for some people. What i have found, after smoking marijuana for thirty five years is that the paranoid effects wear off the more you do it, over time, but the enhanced consciousness does not wear off. But if i smoke it all the time, because i am bored, then smoking can even become boring. Too much is not good, either. But the good thing is, you can smoke as much as you want to and it will never hurt you. Marijuana must be one of the most harmless plants that there is, outside of food. It’s good medicine, and if it wasn’t for the government, it would be completely free.


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