Black African Tar Hash

8 Dec

December 8, 2016

I was thinking about the CDC zombie apocalypse warning on the CDC website, and i realized if there ever is a zombie problem, it’s going to be caused by the CDC.


When i graduated high school, i was in Navy boot camp about two weeks later. I prearranged that a year before. I spent about two years traveling around and going to schools before i ever set foot on a Navy ship. After graduating San Diego basic electricity school i went to Great Lakes IL to technician A school. Apparently our class was the very last class that had instructors. The next year they were to go to all computer testing. Our classes were held twice a day. In the early morning, the classes were filled with students who got out about 2 pm. After that my classes were PM classes, from about 3-9 pm. One day, on our day off, my friends from my class invited me to go with them to the movies. So about 4 or 5 of our buddies had a car and they took me somewhere way out through these flat land cornfields, or fields, on these square roads. We drove way out there in these fields, and then out there was a huge mall. It was like a three story mall, or something like that. My friends asked me if i wanted to smoke any weed, which they did quite frequently, but i flatly refused. No way, i told them. I told them that stuff will kill you, and they laughed and laughed at me. They told me it won’t hurt you, and so after a time i decided i would smoke some. So we go out to this mall about 1o pm and we hid outside by these trees and smoked some weed in a pipe. We were just standing around talking, and i asked my friend what it will do to me? and he said, you will see, you will know. I took another hit and nothing happened. I began to wonder if anything was going to happen. Then all of a sudden, it hit me. I was standing there with my friends and i had this weird sensation that all my bones were glowing green, inside my body, and i felt really alive, like jumping and stuff, i got really high. I’ve never been that high ever since then. My friends were laughing at me some more. So we went in the mall and checked out some head shops they had back in those days – stores with blacklight posters and rock posters and shirts and things like that. It was something like Lake Land mall. Anyway the reason we went there was a midnight movie showing at the movies, two Monty PYthon movies. Search for the HOly grail and another movie. Before we smoked out we went up to the theatre window and bought our tickets. They lady gave me my tickets – they came out of this slot in the metal table dispenser thing. After i was really high we went back, i somehow thought to go in the theatre i needed to put those tickets back into that slot. So i went back up to the window and the lady was looking at me really weird as i was trying to put my ticket back  into that slot. My friends saw me and grabbed me and said don’t do that. After that we went and watched those two movies, and i remember laughing hysterically in the first movie, and i fell asleep in the second movie. My friends had to wake me up to go home. I was crashed out.

After that i began to smoke, in 1979. But by 1982, they came out with a test, and even though about 60% of the guys on my ship smoked, they could now test your pee for it. They would give you three chances to get clean UA, and if you got three dirty ones they would throw you out of the Navy. So i knew at that time they would end up throwing me out, because i would not quit.  I don’t think the government has the right to tell people what they can or cannot eat. I think the right to control what goes into our own bodies is the most basic fundamental freedom there is.  It’s my body, i can do what i like. They don’t own me. The reason government is against pot is because it is a competitor to their pharmacy industry. A free alternative that cuts into their profit margins. That’s why they try to ban it everywhere, and force people to take harmful chemicals they make in a big tub out of battery acid and such. I mentioned before that the government is not a medical doctor, and so they do not have the right to prescribe or block any kind of medical treatment, unless it is “harmful”. I don’t know when the government was granted the right to force medical treatments on people. I think it must have been about 1944, in Nazi Germany.


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