Word Jumble

6 Dec

December 5, 2016

Some people try to say that Scripture is ‘infallible’ even though the Bible is obviously filled with quite a few contradictions. When God makes a covenant, He makes it “everlasting”. There is nothing contradictory about that. But men make Scripture contradictory, not God. When you see Scripture say that it’s “ok to eat flesh”, after God commanded Noah not to eat flesh, and none of Noah’s future generations, then we have to discern between what God said, and what man said. Obviously not everything in the Bible came from God’s hands, because God would not make His Word contradictory.

I mentioned before that God’s word cannot change, it cannot contradict Jesus or the Holy Spirit, and now i realize that neither can God’s word contradict righteousness. This is a test we can use to discern what God said, by determining if it is righteous. If it’s not righteous, then God never said it. Take for example the contradiction in Scripture concerning eating flesh. First of all, God’s word from Genesis 9 cannot change, ever, so this tells us all we need to know- it’s never OK to eat flesh, and it never will be. We know that Jesus cannot contradict this covenant in Genesis 9, and neither can the Holy Spirit. And by performing the ‘righteousness test’ on eating flesh, we can determine that God never said it was OK to eat flesh. Because if we asked, is it righteous for man to shed blood of innocent animals, and eat their flesh, against God’s commandment? Then Scripture tells us “No, it’s not righteous”. Heavenly Mother tells us in Proverbs that God hates hands that shed innocent blood. And so we know, God never contradicted His own word, He never contradicted the Holy Spirit, and He would never go against righteousness. Therefore we know God never said it was OK to eat flesh, and it never will be.

I begin to see when we use the term “study the Scriptures”, it is more involved and in depth than just reading a few chapters. It means paying very close attention to every word, and studying in close detail, and analyzing and so forth. The idea that the Bible is “infallible” and that we need to accept everything it says as concrete Gospel is another bad and false teaching. That argument, that even though touched by men’s hands, Scripture contains no errors whatsoever, falls apart as soon as we see the glaring contradictions and inconsistencies. We have to understand that Scripture has been written by man, and therefore we have to study it closely to determine what really is the word of God. When man hands you a Bible and says Here is the infallible word of God, and you find it contradicting itself in the first few chapters, then you know that book did not come entirely from God. Whoever wrote that book was confused, and God is never confused.


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