No Such Thing

6 Dec

December 5, 2016

IN GEnesis 9, God makes a covenant with all living creatures, so that answers my question about which living creatures it’s OK to eat – none of them.

I think we should let kids decide what to eat. For example, we could tell some 5 year old kids they can have a bowl of blood clots from a cow, or strawberries and whip cream, which do they choose? We could ask the kids if they want to eat some intestines and guts out of a dead pig, or some peach cobbler and ice cream? We could ask the kids do you want to kill your puppy and eat it for breakfast, or have cake and ice cream instead, and give some to your puppy? We should ask kids, because kids know what to eat. People are born with the natural knowledge of what they are to eat. By feeding meat to children before they know what is happening, we condition them to think it’s alright, so they never question it. But if you took a small child, before you gave him meat, and took him out and showed him, here is how we cut the pig’s throat and bleed out all his blood while he squeals and dies, then we cut open his stomach and take out some of his guts and take them in the house and cook them and eat them, the child would probably not enjoy eating meat at all. You don’t have to send children to school or teach them anything for them to know that slaughtering and eating the pig just isn’t right. People are born with the built-in knowledge of what is good for them to eat, and things that are just wrong.

I mentioned before that the foolish virgins get left behind forever. That’s the reason they are weeping and crying, because Jesus is never coming back again. Ever. Scripture does not say after Jesus closed the door, He came back and checked on them again, a few years later. Jesus is never coming back again after that. If He did come back after that, it would have to be ¬†considered the “third coming” of Christ, and there is no such thing. People have to be ready to go to Heaven when they die, or when Jesus shows up, otherwise, they will never go to Heaven. The false teaching that somehow everyone is going to get a “second chance” is very bad, because it teaches people that they don’t really need to get ready, yet. It teaches them they can put off obeying God, and still make it to Heaven. That’s why many people will be lost, wailing and gnashing their teeth, because they thought they were going to get a second chance, due to false teaching. Hopefully we can help people understand that obeying God is not something we want to put off. Obeying God is not just some small casual thing. It’s the difference between life and death.


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