Foolishness Leads To Death

3 Dec

December 3, 2016

I was thinking about how even though God commands man not to eat flesh, and God commands man to love all his neighbors, many men don’t comply. People will cage, torture and murder animals, without any care and without any compassion. While i was thinking about this, God asked me “What else would you expect from punk ass bitches?” I thought, would they stand up for righteousness and the small and the weak? Would they defend the defenseless? No, they just go around hurting other creatures because they are smaller and weaker and defenseless, for people’s own personal enjoyment. That’s because they are punk ass bitches. I realize that’s another way that i am like God, because God doesn’t like punk ass bitches either. God did not create man to be evil, and if man turns out evil, that is why God destroys him. It’s very simple to understand.

God commands man not to eat His animals, and man disobeys. God tries to get man to comply, and many still refuse. Jesus tells us that whoever is not for God is against God. Therefore, people who are not for God, who do not comply with God’s commandments are against God. They kill and eat His animals, for one thing, and they refuse to stop. These people make themselves enemies of God by refusing to obey. Therefore, it’s simple to understand that God is going to destroy all His enemies. He tells us in Scripture that all evil is going to be thrown into the fire created for  the devil and his angels. The fire was created for the enemies of God. So we know where all enemies of God are going to end up, even before it happens.

I understand now how God can throw people into Eternal Hell Fire, where they burn and suffer for Eternity. God does not throw men in there because God has no compassion. God throws men in there because men have no compassion.


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