Vultures Circling Around

2 Dec

December 1, 2016

They teach us how to learn our A B C’s, and another thing we need to learn about is the 3 C’s. The 3 C’s are for us to be calm, cool, collected.

IN school they made us show our work in some math problems, otherwise you would get the question wrong if you just wrote down the correct answer. This is a good idea, and i want to see the math calculations that were used to determine the distance from the Earth to the Sun. I want to see how it was determined to be 93 million miles away.  What evidence do they have to support this? Show me the math! Otherwise, it’s just some made up number. They could say it’s any distance to the sun, and no one could contest them.

Now that i know it’s a flat world after all, i realize a few other things that i was told before that i now know are false. Such as i read if you make a straight line through the EArth from the  Hopi nation, or Arizona, or something like that, the line would come out in Tibet. That sounds pretty fakey to me anyway. You could make a straight line go through the EArth and come out anywhere you wanted. But now i know, somebody just made that stuff up. It is senseless “knowledge”. It has no meaning. It wastes your time just thinking about it.

I also read that by measuring sun shadows, it was determined that the Earth is a round shape. If this is so, then i believe the Earth is dome shaped. If you measure the EArth and it shows it has a round shape, that does not prove the Earth is a complete sphere. It could be flat, circular, and dome shaped. But we can’t tell, because we can’t get anybody that knows anything, that isn’t a complete liar. It’s like the entire world we live in is a nonsense land. The problem is when the world is controlled by liars, they all want to kill anybody who comes around telling the Truth. In a land of liars, everyone hates the Truth.


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