The Looting Of America

30 Nov

November 30, 2016

I was wondering, how can it be cheaper to go overseas and build a factory, pay people to manufacture goods, transport the goods overseas to the US, truck the goods all over the country, then build stores and hire people to sell these products from overseas? How can it be cheaper to do this than to manufacture goods here in the US? But then i realized, it’s probably not cheaper. The big corporations do this on purpose, just to undersell all their competitors, and put all their competitor manufacturers out of business. Then they monopolize all goods. Everything then comes from one supplier, and his buddies and their corporate conglomerate. It’s not cheaper to get these things from foreign manufacturers. We pay for it with low quality, cheap junk, and the loss of businesses and jobs. It’s very expensive to get cheap junk at MalWart.

That’s what happens when you have a bunch of crooks get in control of the banking system, for example. They own all the properties, then if you want to rent from them, you must pay a fee to check your credit, which of course, they own that too. So they could make $350/day, just taking in applications, and not doing anything. That’s all crooked too, the credit system they have. Any system that makes your credit score go down, just because you check it, is not based on true credit. And then to be forced to have your credit checked many times, by landlord companies, it’s just ridiculous. It’s worse than ridiculous. It’s BS. It seems the government and the banks have turned America into slums, and they are the slum lords. The government has to raise taxes, just so they can keep paying the retirement pensions on all the crooked government employees who stole and wasted all our tax money in the first place. It’s beyond ridiculous, and yet, it appears to be business as usual.



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