Make A Commitment

29 Nov

November 28, 2016

Well, when you have hit rock bottom, you have no place to go. Such as those millions of poor refugees who’s homes got blown up by American bombs, who literally have no place to go. It’s a sad commentary.

I mentioned before about how drunkeness leads us astray from our walk with Jesus. Now i don’t want to be too strict, and say if you have one drink of alcohol, you won’t go to Heaven. But neither can i be too easy, and say ‘ do whatever you want’. Jesus tells us in His own words if we are drunken, we need to be getting sober. If we enjoy our addiction and don’t want to stop, then we are choosing alcohol over God. Even if we do it for a day, and consider we will stop later. This is why it’s so important, and now i realize it’s one of the Keys to Heaven, that we always try our hardest. God isn’t going to save everyone, He’s going to save everyone that is worthy of being saved. Mainly, those who are trying to save themselves. If people aren’t even trying to help themselves, God is not going to help them. And so it’s important that we try our hardest. I cannot say what God will do, only what Jesus  words tell us we need to do. If you can honestly say that you tried your very hardest, and God knows this, then He can’t convict you for not trying harder, or for not doing the best you can. That’s why we try our hardest, and we pray for strength, and ask God to help us.


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