The Lord Helps Them That Help Themselves

27 Nov

November 27, 2016

No, the path of drunkeness does not lead to Heaven. The path of drunkeness leads us astray from the straight and narrow way, walking with Jesus. Just like we can’t have a healthy relationship with people if we abuse drugs or alcohol, neither can we have a healthy relationship with God if we are drunk all the time.

Some addicts i know will admit that they don’t want to stop their addiction. If they admit they don’t want to quit, it’s not really an “addiction”. They do it by choice. They choose to keep doing it. They enjoy being drunk. It is an example of the limits of the power of prayer. Lets say you have a little cousin Johnny who is addicted to jerking off. All he wants to do is lay around and jerk off, and he likes it, because it feels so good to him. His mom wishes he would go and play with the other kids, and so she prays for him to stop. But until little Johnny doesn’t want to lay around jerking off anymore, until little Johnny decides he wants more out of life than laying around jerking off, all the prayer in the world won’t help him. It’s like Heavenly Mother told me in 2013 – God can help carry us, but we also have to help carry ourselves.


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