Technologically Advanced Idiots

27 Nov

November 27, 2016

Sometimes you may hear white people say that they are “better than” the other races, because they are smarter, and they are more technologically advanced. For example, they might point out that they were the ones who “put a man on the moon”. When you realize the fallacy of this argument, you realize it makes the white people look more foolish, not smarter, if they believe man was on the moon. We can then see how the white race leads the other races. They have more advanced weapons, and weaponry. They are better at building bombs, and bombers. They are better at killing people, they have better killing machinery. They are better at bombing hospitals and schools and apartment buildings. They are better liars, and they are better at lying and deceiving people, even their own countrymen. They are better at going around the world killing people with their killing machinery than any of the other races. They are better at all these things, but this does not make them “better than” any other people.


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