Continual Traumatic Stress Disorder

25 Nov

November 25, 2016

I begin to understand the relationship of the mind and the body, and how emotions affect the body. A normal human condition to be in would be a relaxed, stress free environment. The body’s natural condition is in a calm, relaxed condition. When we have stress, such as hate, which causes anger, our bodies leave that normal relaxed condition into a stress condition, increased workload on the heart and all the functions of the body. Over time, this wears down the body, because the body is not made to be in continual stress.

Likewise i think depression is the opposite of being angry and hyped up, it is when people feel too tired to get up. Their body is also depressed, and so the kidney says I don’t want to get up either, i’m just going to lay around today, and so it works less efficiently, and the body is less healthy than it should be, in a normal healthy, relaxed environment condition.

I thought of some people who are filled with hate, and how this negatively affects them. Such as some people might really hate someone, and they think about how much they hate them, all the time. At night, they think about how much they hate that person, then they go to sleep and dream about that person laughing at them, then wake up first thing in the morning, and become full of hate again, and spend all day stewing in hate. This is not a normal, healthy condition for humans to be in. So i begin to understand how the mind affects the health of the physical body.

Sometimes when people are really sick and there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do to help them get better, it’s better to pray not that they will be alright, but that they will be alright with God. You can never save people from dying here on Earth, but you can help them from dying spiritually. It’s kind of like praying. If you pray for someone, you feed them for a day. But if you teach them to pray, you feed them for a lifetime.


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