Who Is Not For Us

23 Nov

November 23, 2016

The purpose of the police is to enforce the laws, and protect the citizenry from criminals. Somehow, i contend the police got hijacked, and they no longer serve public interests, but are used for government purposes instead. The police were never created with their job intending to be to protect the illegal government from a dissenting public. If the government is committing illegal activities, then it is the duty of the police to enforce the laws and arrest law breakers. The police are sworn to defend and uphold the laws, and if they don’t, they are in violation of the very laws they swore to uphold.

When the government breaks the law and the people protest, it is the duty of the police to protect the people and uphold the laws. Such as the law that peaceful protests are legal. It is not illegal to peacefully protest, and if you are arrested for doing nothing wrong, you live in a criminal police state. We can see the police seem to be carrying out the orders of the government, not of the people. When the people peacefully protest against an illegal government, the government tells the police to go and beat those protesters and spray mace on them, and throw them down, tie them up, lock them up, throw fire on them, shoot them, throw grenades on them, whatever it takes. In other words, do whatever necessary to make those people stop peaceful protesting. So the police then commit crimes and illegal activities against the very people who pay their wages. The people who hired them, and let them keep their jobs. Because the police support the illegal government, not the people.

If the protesters go out on the highway and peacefully protest, it is their right. It is not the fault of the protesters. If the government was not doing illegal activities and committing crimes and atrocities against it’s own citizens, all those people would not be out there protesting and blocking the highway to begin with. It seems that the people need some police force, to protect them from the police. Maybe if we want to clean up the country, we have to start with our own city first, and fire the mayor, and every crony in city hall and then clean house.

St. Mark Chapter 9

40 For he that is not against us is on our part.




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