Liars And Thieves

23 Nov

November 22, 2016

Two weeks after ‘winning the election’, donald drumph admits that the “campaign promises” he made were just BS and lies, to get himself elected. He likes to call it “backing off his promises”, but it’s obvious just out and out lying. All the politicians do this regularly, i don’t see how anyone could believe the ‘election process’ is real. These lying, back stabbing politicians don’t even have any qualms about admitting they are openly lying. They don’t care. You don’t have to try and catch them in a lie, they openly admit it two weeks after the election. No one else seems to care either. No one calls them out on keeping their promises. They should be called “campaign lies” instead of “campaign promises”. The problem with liars is you can’t believe anything they say. So you know when they say they are going to make things better, they are going to make them worse.


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