Big Booger SAmwich

22 Nov

November 22, 2016

A few years ago i worked at a motel with a few of my hispanic brothers and sisters. From my view, there were two groups-those who were my friends and others who did not like me. One hispanic guy i worked with, he went by two different names. The front office called him a different name than the housekeeping ladies. We were both maintenance workers and received the same hours and the same hourly pay. But because they did not withhold taxes from his check, his paychecks were bigger than mine. He did not have to pay taxes. I don’t think that’s fair. Not only does he take away a job from the community, he doesn’t pay taxes with it, either. He spends all his money at walmart and the dollar store and booger king, and sends quite a bit of it to Mexico. I don’t think this is a fair situation, and i think that he should be given the same deal that i have, to pay taxes, or else i should be given the same deal that he has. If an employer does not have to withhold taxes or buy healthcare insurance for aliens, then there is no incentive to hire US citizens, and every incentive not to.

That maintenance guy never did like me. That’s how i got the job, because he didn’t get along with Americans. He only wanted to work there with his hispanic buddies, and he wanted to be the boss of me. That’s funny, too, because that is one time when some people poisoned me, when i worked there. I didn’t trust some of the hotel workers, because some were obviously meth heads, and some of them didn’t like me, even though they pretended they did. One day, a white girl who was a girlfriend of a hispanic guy, who was not my friend, brought some soup to work for lunch. We all ate lunch together and my hispanic friends gave me a lot of food. But this lady i didn’t trust, and so i didn’t eat the soup she gave me. But as it turned out, she was sorting through all the different tupperware soup containers in a bag, and she lost track. She said, This one is yours, then she said, wait a minute, this one is yours. Apparently, she ate my soup, because about an hour after lunch she went home sick.

They tried to poison me, and they almost got me. Later, they did get me though. When winter came we had a christmas party at the motel and it was a potluck dinner. I ate some food there, then when i went home that night i was violently sick and puking and puking for hours. The next day i went to work and my friend Janice, the only other white person on the housekeeping staff who worked there 25 years said she also got sick after eating at the potluck. She said she doesn’t think she’s ever been that sick before, in her entire life. We compared what we ate, and the only thing we seemed to have in common was drinking the coffee. I mentioned before that evil people do exist. I have met my fair share of them. But most people i have met are ordinary, decent folks.

I saw that children are protesting in the streets. I saw others trying to invalidate the children’s right to speak, or be heard. If children don’t have the right to protest, then why do black people have the right? If you are going to start taking away people’s rights, where is it going to end? If people are told to shut up and be quiet and let the government do anything it wants to the people, what kind of democracy is that? That’s not a democracy, that’s a society of slaves and oppressed people. I agree with the kids who are protesting. No one should be treated unfairly over race or gender, and government policy should be to help feed, house, and take care of children, not tear up their homes and throw them out like trash. Kids don’t want to see their futures destroyed, and i don’t blame them. Maybe the kids parents won’t stand up and do anything, at least the kids will.

For people who keep God’s commandments, they don’t have to worry about anything, because certainly God is going to take care of everything. As for people who don’t keep God’s commandments, that doesn’t matter to me. They can do whatever they want. The only thing that matters to me is that i keep God’s commandments. If all the rest of the people want to go jump off a cliff, that’s fine by me.



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