The Greatest Ever?

21 Nov

November 21, 2016

Some people feel that they are “great”, that somehow they are “greater than” others. Some people even feel they are the greatest, “ever”. These people are on very big ego trips. People are not great. When you look at that guy after he dies, you will see he is nothing but a stinky pile of poo, that somehow managed to get up and walk around and do things for awhile, then got turned into a stinky pile of poo again. He’s not so great when he is a pile of poo.

Jesus was a man who walked the EArth, and so Jesus was the greatest man, ever. If anyone says they are the best “ever”, they are saying that they are even better than Jesus. Better than God. We can see those people are highly deceived.It reminds me of Superman, who, after he made the movie, fell off a horse and became paralyzed and never walked again. He’s not very super after all. I guess it’s OK to love yourself, but we need to love our neighbors “as much as” we love ourselves, and love God more than anything else.

Now don’t you suppose that if God wants to save His people from hell, and teach them how to get to Heaven, He will appear to them and show them the Way? He just did.

Did you ever see any angels? Did you ever see any devils? No, you never did. The only evil thing you will ever see is evil people. Evil people really do exist.


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