Pressure Tested

20 Nov

November 20, 2016

If you ask some people what is the toughest position to play in football, they might say quarterback. He is the target, continuously under attack, not only that, even though it is a team sport, people consider the quarterback is responsible for the win, or the losses. So he could get the blame if the team loses. It’s a tough job, and you got to have tough kids to put in there. But me, i think the toughest job is probably being the coach. They put some kid in there to be the coach, then everyone blames him if they lose. But if you have a young quarterback, you don’t throw him off the team just because he doesn’t win every single game. You look for him to grow, and show improvement, and help him to improve with guidance and nurturing. How does he respond under pressure? Does he collapse, or does he improve? Just like a young quarterback, young coaches are learning their way along, what works, what doesn’t, and so forth. People want their team to win the championship every year, so i think being the coach is probably the toughest position on the field, because he’s going to get the blame if they don’t.


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