How Much Did You Give?

20 Nov

November 20, 2016

If you want to spend your days with the Greatest Master of all, in Heaven, then you must be obedient to be accepted in to His Class.

I did mention before that it is better to seek the glory of God, and not of men, for the Glory of God will never fade away. But the glory of men, even if you can get it, is very fleeting and fickle. If you seek happiness through the glory of men, you are going to be very disappointed.

One such example i read about is Spencer Haywood. Spencer sued to allow players to enter the NBA directly from high school, and because of that the rules were changed. Why? Because Spencer wanted to go to the NBA without going to college first, for selfish reasons. So he won his case and the rules were changed. After that, Spencer tried to get the law named for him. Now he wants credit for all the people who go directly pro from high school. I read that Spencer even made a movie about himself, and he wants to show it to all the NBA players showing how he sued and changed the law. The sad thing is, no one wanted to watch his movie, and Spencer got all butt hurt because no one cared what he did. He’s seeking the glory of men. Even though his reasons for suing were selfish, he now wants everyone who plays the game of basketball to recognize his contribution to the rule change. I thought, it’s almost like he wants to put a statue of himself, bent over, in front of every stadium, and everyone who enters must kiss his statue on the behind, because of what he did.

When we seek the glory of God, we care about what God thinks about us, and we couldn’t care less what men think about us. We would not even likely accept the glory of men if it was offered to us, because we don’t want any. We live our lives for God. God is our Master, not men. We seek praise and rewards from our Master. Another example i read about is an athlete who donates millions to charities to help children, but another selfish man called him a bad name, and hurt his feelings. Again, if we seek the glory of men, we are going to be sadly disappointed. If we carry around a big ego, we’re going to bump it into things and get it hurt all the time.

If someone calls us a bad name, it’s kind of like kung fu. There are a couple ways you can react. Such as sidestep the blow, and redirect the energy against your opponent. Or you can take the shot directly on the chin. It doesn’t even hurt. When you know in your heart of hearts that you are right with God, and God is well pleased with you, then you do not care what men think of you. We are the sons and daughters of God. We could care less what men think about us.

I read about a few different athletes who have foundations and do charity work, but these numbers they don’t put in with the sports statistics. I think they should, i would like to read about how athletes donate millions of dollars. It’s no small thing. Not everyone who is a millionaire gives away millions. I have seen people risk their friends, even their jobs, for a hundred dollar bill. So if people give away millions of dollars, it gives you an idea of who that person really is outside of the gymnasium. And when we know how much charity an athlete gives, then when some old mean selfish jealous guy calls him a bad name, we just laugh that mean guy  out of the gym. No one cares what losers think or do.


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