You Can Go To Heaven If You Want

19 Nov

November 18, 2016

And so it  comes to pass that each and every man is the ruler of his/her own destiny. People have the knowledge to enter Heaven, and everyone who ends up in hell makes that choice. People can only let them own selves down. I’m very glad to have the knowledge to be able to be saved and go to HEaven. It doesn’t matter to me if other people go to Heaven or not. The only thing that matters to me is that i am going to Heaven. What other people do is up to them, it has nothing to do with me. Everyone is free to make their own choice. When people find themselves burning in hell, they will know they can’t blame anybody else but themselves.

Yes, Heaven is an exclusive club, and flesh eaters aren’t in it. Only people who obey God. The very elite. I feel badly for people who go against God. There’s not going to be much left of them.

Before i mentioned that there are different levels of feeling guilty.  Just like being tall, or smart, or beautiful, everything we have we are “gifted” with. We can’t take self credit for being tall, or being smart, or anything. Everything we have we were created with. Just like some people are gifted with being gay, they have no choice in the matter. This is the problem when people begin judging others. It causes lots of problems.

But just like there are different levels of feeling guilty, there are different levels of “knowing things”. Take for instance, Jesus loves me, this i know, for the Bible tells me so. We know Jesus loves us. Some of us do. But do we really know this, or do we just believe this? If we believe in something without evidence, that’s really just believing, not really knowing. If we believe in something without knowing, then we could be wrong, and believe in something false. This is different than knowing that if you smash your finger with your hammer it will hurt.

People could say that the Earth is a planet, spinning around in space, and people could believe in wrong things. So it’s good to examine the beliefs that we have, and see what they are founded on. Because there is a difference between “knowing things” and “knowing things”. As for me, for an example, i always believed in God. I always knew there was God, even before i had any evidence. I could see enough evidence that i believed, let me put it that way. But then i found out in 2003 the difference between believing in God, and knowing He exists. I came to know that God exists, not just by Him telling me, in His Word, but by Him talking to me and showing me things. God did not just tell me that “men shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived”, He showed me that they are. God showed me the Earth is flat, He showed me NASA is all fake, God showed me all these things. i know these things because He showed me.

One thing God showed me in 2003 was how much He loved me. I mentioned before that God gave me a tiny glimpse of how much He loves me, and it almost made me collapse. God can collapse His enemies with Love!  When you see something like that happen to you, you know beyond any doubt. There can be no mistaking where that came from. But God told me what it was, and then He showed me. That’s not the only reason i knew God was real. It was very apparent in my everyday life. So i have been very blessed to have been told, and have been shown these things, so that i know they are true, without any doubt at all. Jesus loves me this i know, because He showed me, in 2003, and He’s been showing me ever since then.

Some things i know, some things i don’t know. When it comes to sports, wishing teams to win doesn’t work very good for me. I don’t know who will win. Sometimes, on a rare occasion, God may tell me who will win beforehand. If God tells me, then i know it’s true. Now i finally know what God meant, when Heavenly Mother told me previously a few times that “i don’t have anything to worry about”. I sometimes think, that’s easy for God to say, up in Heaven, but not so easy for me down here on Earth. I tell people it’s OK to pray and ask for unselfish things, such as peace of mind, and understanding. I prayed for both and i received millions and billions of understanding, but not as much peace of mind. So i prayed to God for more peace of mind. Later, when i was relaxing, or meditating, thinking about things, God showed me what He means that i don’t have anything to worry about. LIke God showed me 2003 how much He loves me, God showed me a very momentary glimpse of the most utterly deep calm sensation, the knowledge that i don’t have anything to worry about. It only lasted for a second, but the effects last long after. I suggest that people who wish for peace of mind pray to God and ask. If you are a loyal and obedient servant of God, there is nothing that He will not give you, if you ask Him. You may have to be patient but your patience will pay off. God is the only cure for a troubled mind.  Patience and perserverance, the Keys of Success.


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