Heavenly Scholarship

18 Nov

November 18, 2016

It seems to me that in the Malheur case, the government coerced guilty pleas from all those it wanted to convict, and all their buddies who plead innocent and went to trial got released, completely free. Except for Bundy, they got Bundy. It looks like they threw Bundy under the bus of justice. It seems awful suspicious to me, because i know if i broke into a federal building, broke into the computers, the files, damaged the buildings, damaged the property, stole and damaged the government vehicles, took guns and took over by threat of violence, and threatened the federal government employees, then i would be doing about a hundred years in prison. At least. Those people don’t even have to pay for the damage they caused and all the expenses they cost the state of Oregon and the counties and cities. ONly the people who pleaded guilty.

I was thinking that we could say that righteousness could be considered obedience to God. Therefore, unrighteousness would then be disobedience to God. Disobedience to God is obedience to self, or ‘satan’. People could say that they are “disobedient to God” but they like to say instead that they are “obedient to satan”. But however they say it, i understand now why “only those who do the will of the Father” go to Heaven. I understand fully. God made all these Pinochio’s and some are obedient and some are disobedient. God is not going to give everlasting life to the disobedient. Why, so they can go around and do evil for eternity? I don’t think so. God’s going to destroy them so they can’t do evil anymore. At the end, God is going to have all the obedient people line up on one side, and He’s going to have His police force round up the disobedient and throw them into hell. Miserable people are going to end up living miserable lives, every single day, for Eternity. Trust me, you don’t want to be among them.

I begin to understand that there are two ways that people can feel guilty. Such as, if people do something wrong, such as stealing, and they feel guilty inside. Another way that people feel guilty, is if other people make them feel guilty. Such as, people might make people feel guilty for having brown skin, or not being as smart, or not being attractive. Or they might make people feel guilty for being ugly, or for any reason. We need to discern the difference between feeling guilty for doing something we know is wrong and feeling guilty because people made us feel guilty. The way to tell the difference is if you can help yourself, or not. You are not going to pray to God and say God, i’m sorry i’m brown skinned, because God made you that way. YOu can’t help it, therefore it’s not wrong. You are not going to pray to God and tell God you’re sorry you’re gay because God made you that way. It’s not something to be sorry for. It’s people who say that it’s wrong, and you should feel bad, but it is the way God made you, and it is not wrong and you are not bad.

What people need to be sorry for is being the way that God did not make them to be. Such as being mean and hateful to people because their skin is brown. God did not make people to be that way. God did not make people to be mean to people or animals. God made people to be compassionate to people and animals. People need to be sorry for being the way that God did not make them. If people can’t help themselves, and they hate other people, and they can’t control it, then those people are simply evil. If people cannot stop from hurting animals, those people are not the way God intended them to be, so there is something wrong with them. If people cannot control themselves from doing evil things, and they cannot stop, then those people are defective, evil, and they will be destroyed like evil Pinochio’s who disobey. We can easily understand why the disobedient will never go to Heaven and receive everlasting life. It’s not rocket science. It’s just common sense.





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