I Smell Dead Things

17 Nov

November 17, 2016

One of the benefits of being a native tribal member is having access to a native health care facility, and dental and medical care. An interesting thing i learned while going to the native clinics is that they are staffed by military doctors. I went to see the doctor one time and it was a lt cmdr Navy guy. One time when i was at the dentist getting dental work done, while the dentist was drilling on my tooth and what not, in comes walking this navy guy, in uniform. He told the dentist that he was performing a circumcision on a baby next door in the medical clinic, and he needed extra hands to hold the baby down. So the dentist takes off his gloves and went and helped the doctor do the circumcision, then came back and finished taking care of my dental work.

I mentioned before about what happened to me in 2003, when God first spoke to me, and i saw the Hand of God. However, there is something else that happened about the same time that i didn’t mention very much. It’s really weird, and i always thought of it as the ‘year of the dead things’. It’s really gross and disgusting, too.  It first started when i was living in my mobile home and i could smell the garbage from under the sink, so i knew i needed to take the garbage out. I did, but the smell did not go away. After a few days, the smell persisted, and it grew worse. I scrubbed out under the sink, and took everything out. But the smell started to get horrendous. The smell got so bad, i began looking everywhere in the kitchen, and i found my upright freezer had gotten unplugged, and i opened the door and blood ran out of the freezer onto my carpet from venison i had in there. It was messed up. So i dragged the freezer outside and cleaned up the best i could. I burned incense continuously, and dumped tons of carpet fresh in there, but the smell lasted for a long time. It was horrible.

At the same time i had a problem with these big fat rats making a nest in my water heater. So i began trapping them. After i got the mess in the kitchen somewhat cleaned up and was trying to get rid of the smell, one night a rat got partially trapped, and was wounded and scrambling around in my bathroom. The rat ran off somewhere, i couldn’t get him. Within a few days of that event, i began to smell dead things again, this time by my bathroom area. I suspected that injured rat crawled off and died under my house somewhere. I crawled under the house looking for it, i couldn’t find that dead rat. But i could smell it, and it got worse daily. Here i barely got the dead smell in the kitchen, now i had it in my hallway. I searched everywhere and couldn’t find that dead rat. My neighbor mentioned to me that if i used a mirror and a flashlight, i could use that to look under the flooring in my house. So i made a hole in the floor near where i smelled that rat, and using a mirror, i saw the dead rat melting under my washing machine. It was horrible. I had to cut a big hole to get it out. That smell would not go away either, for the longest time.

It took weeks for the smell to subside, or for me to get used to it. I became very sensitive to the smell of dead things. After a few months, the smell went away. Then one day, i began to notice the smell of dead things again. I thought, oh no, what is it now. What could it be? It was faint, but i definitely smelled something dead. After a couple weeks of smelling something dead, the manager of my mobile home park told me the lady that lived two trailers over from me had died in her house. No one checked on her and she was dead in her house for several days before anyone found out. Finally i found out where that dead smell was coming from. A few weeks later the owners took a front loader and demolished that mobile home. Strangely, a black cat that i used to have that ran away came home the same day they demolished that trailer, after being gone for one year. I think he was living under that lady’s house.

From the time the freezer melted until the lady died, that took almost one whole year where i kept smelling dead things. It was really weird, and i always thought of it as the year of the dead things. Strangely enough, that was going on partly at the same time when God was revealing Himself to me, the year i saw the Hand of God. I guess that’s why i don’t talk about it much, because it’s really gross and disgusting.



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