The Divided States Of America

16 Nov

November 15,2016

I was thinking that the so called new world order, if threatened with being overtaken would most likely have some emergency plan, such as shutting down all banking in the US. I realize what these people want to do would make the holocaust look about one tenth the size. These people want to mass murder the most people ever. Now i think that we should talk to Russia and China, and ask them, if this happens to the USA, then maybe they will invade us and take over, and arrest the criminals who did this. Since our own American troops won’t do it for us, maybe we could get outside help. And we could even agree to become a republic of Russia, if they assisted us, or we could pay them back later. What ever works out best for everyone. I would like to think that America would go to Russia’s aid, if the roles were reversed.

One thing i’ve been wondering about these past few days is brain damage. Such as i saw a child that was a victim of vaccine damage, and it left her a vegetable. The little girl has a blank stare, like no one is home. I wondered, if the spirit is autonomous, and separate from the body,as it were, then how much is the spirit dependent on the body to function. Such as, does the spirit need the brain, in order to think? Or if the spirit is our consciousness, then it is our spirit that is thinking, not our brains. We know that the body is dependent on the brain in order to function properly, such as speech, and walking, and so forth. An example i heard of is a stroke victim, who can’t speak or walk but she can play pinochle. But if the brain becomes damaged and the body is no longer able to speak properly, or to act appropriately, such as when the government gave people lobotomies, then i wonder, does the spirit actually leave the body, as if the body had died? Maybe there is no one home. Maybe the spirit fled the body when it was no longer able to function properly. The body does not need the spirit to live. That’s not where it gets it’s life force energy. A rat is alive, and it doesn’t have a spirit.  Me, i think in some cases, the spirit leaves the body and goes to Heaven, leaving behind a vacant body, where the young girl used to live. I don’t think the spirit is dependent on the brain to function properly, but the body is. It may be our spirit that is doing the speaking and the talking, but it is dependent on the body to be able to do that. IN that case, the body would be the interface between the spiritual world and the physical world.


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