Medical Quackery

14 Nov

November 14, 2016

I read about the government mandating vaccinations. That’s totally wrong. The government is not an MD and has no qualifications or rights to mandate any medical treatment. The government wants to force injections into everybody, but you don’t even know what’s in the vaccines. They are not even required to tell you what’s in the vaccines. If the vaccine is mandatory, you must accept the vaccine, even if it is harmful and injures you or kills you. If your kids get sterilized from vaccines, like the children in AFrica, it can’t be undone. The government tries to downplay the risks of vaccines and they say it is not harmful. However that is an obvious out and out lie, because we know the vaccines contain mercury, which is highly toxic. If you inject toxic things into your body, it is going to harm you. There is no way they can say that injecting harmful things into your body is not harmful for you. Injecting poisons into your body is harmful to your body, it doesn’t make you better. Once mandatory vaccines become the law, then the government can inject any vaccine they want into your kids, and you don’t have any say about it, or recourse, if your kids die or get paralyzed and brain damaged. Why? Because that’s the law.


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