I Had A Dream

12 Nov

November 12, 2016

Some dreams i had i remember for many many years. One really weird dream i had when i was pretty young, i don’t remember when, but i remember it even until today. It was a short dream, and in the dream somebody was with me and told me that there was cameras everywhere and people were watching my life like it was a movie. I didn’t believe that person and i said that’s impossible, that can’t be. But then, i somehow saw it, and i realized it was true, and then i was like, Oh, it really is true, people are watching my life like it’s on TV. Then i just accepted it and that was the end of the dream. Weird.

I understand things better, about how God helps His servants, and delivers them from evil. This is not just an abstract thought, this is reality. For example, when David faced Goliath, do you think it was just random luck that David killed Goliath with one shot? I understand now that God guides our hands, and God will help you deliver the shot. If you give God control of your hands, He can help you, and with God guiding you, you can’t miss. I mentioned before that God delivers His children from evil, and He delivers my enemies into my hands. I can’t explain everything i know, because it may not be the right time. Like if you know the ending of a movie, you don’t just blurt it out, because that would ruin it for everybody.

You got to try to be cool, as i mentioned before about people who brag about their God-given skills. I guess it’s easy to go on an ego trip for some people. But as we know, a player could be bragging about how good they are and very well jinx themselves. Maybe they suffer a career ending injury, and one year later they are completely out of the league, and all but forgotten about. The glory of men is very fickle, and fleeting. That’s why we don’t seek the glory of men, better to seek ye the glory of God, because that will never fade away. When we think of things like God saying “Look at My guys I have on My Team” and wondering who does God have in His Fantasy League, then we have a different perspective on the game altogether.


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