A Dose Of Reality

12 Nov

November 11, 2016

Another thing different about me now from is i no longer have any interest in works of fiction. Fiction is just another word for BS, and that’s just a waste of time, and a distraction from real life and reality. I use to think actors were cool, but now i watch them “faking around” and they look foolish and stupid to me. Like some guy arguing with his girlfriend like a sissy. Come on. Be a man. I also noticed when people take God’s name in vain, cussing, they do it to try and be tough and cool. But this shows how weak they really are, and cussing God’s name makes them look really weak and lame. It’s like people who smoke cigarettes because they think smoking makes them look “cool”, but everyone looking at them sees how stupid they are. Being “cool” doesn’t have anything to do with smoking cigarettes and cursing God’s name or bragging about yourself. That’s foolish behavior.

I noticed a few other things that seem different to me. Such as, i watched a lot of sports over the years. But now i notice that MLB is a different sport than NBA or NFL. The MLB isn’t full of hype and players all bragging that they are the greatest player that ever lived. You see that in the NBA all the time, but i have never seen a MLB player step up to bat and start proclaiming that he is probably the best player that ever lived. It seems to me the MLB has a lot more class and classy athletes than some of the other leagues. Fans like to watch sports for the enjoyment of the game, and watching blow hards brag how good they are is a big turn off. Truly big men don’t have the need to brag about themselves. That’s small and weak behaviour.

I realize that men have no glory. If i’m smart, it’s because God made me smart, not because i’m better. If i’m tall it’s because God made me tall. If i’m brave, it’s because God made me brave. There is no glory in men. Everything we have comes from God, and all glory belongs to God. It’s easy to see the difference between men who are humble and respectful and those who go around “trash talking”. Such as a world champion MLB player says regarding his skills that “he has been greatly blessed”, while some NBA player is bragging that he thinks he is the greatest player that ever lived. I guess that’s the difference of men versus boys.

I can’t take the glory of God by claiming that i’m smart because of my own great virtue, or i am brave because i am so much more than other men. I am the way God made me. By the same token, i can’t take credit for being small and weak, or for being prone to alcoholism, or getting physically addicted to drugs, or for being certain color or certain sexual orientation, or anything. Somewhat like being products of our environment, we are products of God, and we are the way He made us.  All we can do is the best we can.

I too am glad to see that people are finally taking an interest in USA politics. Now i wish people would show as much enthusiasm and support about injecting poison into American babies and school children as they do for the presidential soap opera. I’d like to see people get excited about mandatory vaccinations and poisoning children, and the killing and bombing of children in other countries, as much as they care about who is the presidential puppet and that soap opera. Now that the people seem to be waking up, maybe they will. If people get a good dose of reality, and break away from the TV, they might do better. Too much fiction is not good for people.




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