Banned In Roseburg

10 Nov

November 10, 2016

For quite a long time now i haven’t had a real clear understanding of exactly what’s going on, understanding the big picture. Now i begin to see. It goes back to the very beginning. I mentioned that God answers all my prayers. Well, the first thing i prayed for was for God to save us all, people, animals and even the bugs. The past four years, and the big picture is God answering that first prayer, to save us.  Only God is not saving us, exactly. If that were the case, then God would just swoop us all up into Heaven. What Jesus is doing is teaching us how to save ourselves. God cannot save us, only we can save ourselves.

Jesus teaches us how to save ourselves, but it is up to us to actually save ourselves. That’s what Heavenly Mother told me in 2013, that She can help carry me, but i also have to help carry myself. For example, God can help get you into the World Series, but God is not going to take your at-bat for you. You are going to have to step up to the plate. God will give you even superhuman strength, but you’ve got to take the swing. God can help us, but the pitchers have to pitch, the catchers catch and the batters bat. Somebody has to make the lineup, and someone has to be in charge of it all. It’s the people that get it done.

Now i’m not asking anyone to believe what i say, i’m only pointing out what God says in the Bible, and telling people they need to believe what God says. We can’t believe everything we read, and we have to use discernment to discover the Truth. When we understand that God is pure goodness and has no evil whatsoever, then we can begin to understand God a little bit. Then we can discover the Truth. Then everything we understand about God has to align with the fact that God is pure goodness. Nothing can contradict this cornerstone foundation. This is the beginning of understanding God, a little bit.


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