Perfect Sense

8 Nov

November 8, 2016

Well now that i have received so much understanding of things, it has changed me. I mentioned before that i no longer care if people disobey God and burn in hell forever. But now i understand why. I used to have compassion for all the people, and i set out to try and save every single person on earth. But after i did, many of the people who i tried to save their life, turned against me, and even tried to kill me. AFter i tried to help them. Well when they did this to me, i lost my compassion for them. I used to have compassion for rats too, but where i live the whole valley is a rat infested septic hole, and when the rats overran my home and attacked my pets, i had to start killing them. I lost all compassion for them. I don’t go out and hunt them, only defend my home. But i no longer care about killing them. It becomes a necessity. You have to do whatever needs to be done. Besides people trying to rend me, after i helped them, other people are just cruel to animals and they won’t stop hurting animals, even if you ask them to stop. They are just cruel people, they don’t care about hurting animals, so i don’t care what happens to those people either. I use to wonder what hell is like, but not anymore. i don’t care what hell is like, because it doesn’t concern me. I’m not going there. God told me that it doesn’t concern me and i don’t need to concern myself with things that i cannot change, only things that i can change. Such as, no sense being concerned with people who will never be saved. Rather to concern myself with people who do want help, and try to save people who can be saved. Otherwise we waste our time on things unchangeable, and wonder about things we are never going to know about anyway.

Also in the beginning, the only thing i ever wanted was to be left alone. That was it. I just wanted to do whatever i want to do and have fun and not have people bothering me and harassing me day and night. However, that didn’t work out, and so for four years i endured harassment, but i no longer care. I don’t care what people do to me anymore. It’s kind of like being in a boxing match, and you are under constant attack. So you always look for the incoming attack, respond, block, dodge, and wait for the next attack. It just goes on and on. After awhile it no longer scares you that you might get hit, you just duck, and move and take a shot if you see an opening. If they score a base hit, then i have to throw them out. If they score a homerun, then i need to score two runs. You don’t really care what happens, you just respond to whatever situation arises. Even Jesus teaches us not to cast our good things before people who try to rend us. We have compassion for everyone, but people who are mean and cruel and hateful, we end up losing our compassion for those folks. But it makes perfect sense. It’s completely understandable.  Now we know why.


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