Garbage Pile

7 Nov

November 6, 2016

Some men, such as some jews i read about, propose weird ideas that God does His work in 7 year cycles, and such things like that. They think that God will do certain events on certain numbers of dates, and foolish things like that. But the dates and times the people are using are man made up times and calendars. Why would God even choose to use their calendar, or their numbering system, if He was even interested in such things. Events based on man made numbering systems are man made events. God does not use man made calendars and such.

I mentioned before that being children of Light, we do our best to live like children of Light, and try to be good and righteous in all things. As such, children of God don’t go around hurting animals, or hurting anything. Of course the only time we would hurt animals or others is in defending our homes or our family and loved ones, in self defense. Now the funny thing is, God is just like we are. If someone is hurting or attacking God’s animals or children, God will ask them to stop. If they don’t stop, God doesn’t mess around with those people, He just kills them. He doesn’t really kill them though. He makes them wish they were dead, which is a lot worse than being dead. The simple fact is that people who eat death are going to die.


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