Barbaric Cavemen

7 Nov

November 7, 2016

It’s all very simple. God shows up and asks men to stop eating His animals. That’s going to be the major determining factor in deciding who goes to Heaven, and who does not. Like i mentioned before, God can forgive us of all manner of sins, but willful disobedience is not one of them.

I understand now. God shows up to the world and you can always count on God to keep His end of the covenant. But if men don’t keep their end of the covenant, they will not be going to Heaven.  It’s really very simple. Those who keep God’s covenant will be blessed. It’s easy to understand that if people go around destroying God’s animals, God is going to destroy those people.

I understand too that contrary to popular opinion, people are basically evil. The reason being is that we are all created in a flesh body, and flesh is basically evil. Flesh has no conscience, it only wants what it wants. People are basically evil, and it is only those few people who are strong enough to overcome the flesh, and obey God, who will receive Life. It’s easy to give in to the flesh. It’s easy to go with popular opinion and go with the crowd. It takes strength to stand against popular opinion. Most people want to glorify themselves. They want to have the glory of men. But some few men realize the glory of men is temporary, and fleeting, and worthless. They realize they want the glory of God, not the glory of men. Some men are strong enough to obey God. And they are strong enough to stand up against popular opinion and people who make fun of them for being strong in their beliefs. This is why so few people will be saved. Because basically people are evil, and there are only so many who are strong enough to overcome evil and live for God, and not for self.

God doesn’t care if people choose to do evil instead of good. Most people choose evil. God just destroys them. If a mad scientist made something alive, and it tried to kill him, the mad scientist would destroy his own creation. The only reason that Frankenstein lived was because he always said “Yes master” and did what he was told to do. If God creates people and they turn out evil instead of good, then God just destroys them.

We see that people who go along with popular opinion and follow the crowd are weak in spirit. They are too weak to stand on their own and face adversity. Only the strong is spirit stand against popular opinion and obey God’s commandments, no matter what. Those are the only people that God is interested in. No others will be considered for being drafted into HEaven, except those who keep God’s commandments. God is only interested in drafting those who show superhuman strength.



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