Another Police Hoax; Police A Waste Of Taxpayer Money

7 Nov

November 6, 2016

I read that laws were passed that made it legal for police departments to carry out “fake” events, and pass them off as real events. It is a tell tale sign when society legalizes lying for it’s police force. People should take heed.

Now if it’s legal for the police to make up fake events and report them as real, which is just making up some BS, then it should not be illegal for citizens to do the same. Citizens should be able to file false reports with the police, and report fake crimes, and it should not be illegal. It’s either illegal activity, or legal activity.

However, my feeling is that if the police are so busy carrying out these false drills and fake shootings, and lying to the people who pay their wages, and making up a bunch of BS, then the police don’t have enough to do to keep them busy. In other words, there are just way too many police officers. They need to all be laid off. That’s how you fix that little problem. The police force belongs to the citizens, and the citizens have a right to shut it down at any time they deem necessary. That’s what you do with any out of control public employee. People you pay to go and protect the citizens, and they turn on the citizens instead, and lie to them and try to incite them to hatred. If all the police were fired there would be a lot less crime, because it seems the police are the ones committing all the crimes. Something needs to be done. It needs to be stopped alright. It’s BS.


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