Easy Money

4 Nov

November 4, 2016

I watched the world series online, what a fun game. The INdians had two chances at home to win the World Series. Two chances, at home. But they didn’t get it done. I just wonder, will they try to blame it on a scapegoat, or will they just say that they got beat by the best team in the league. Maybe the best team in the past 100 years. But they almost beat the best team in the league, so they should feel proud.

We can see that teams win not because of magic, and they don’t lose because of curses. Teams win out of hard work and dedication to getting better. A team that tries to get better every day will be better at the end of the season. I think it’s important to learn to win and just as important to learn to lose.

I use to think that God didn’t care about such things as NBA games, or MLB games. But now i know, since the players are all God’s children, then God pays attention to all His children. There are no inconsequential things. There are no inconsequential people. If you feel that you are inconsequential then you don’t know God. If you want to know God, then you learn about Him through Jesus. Jesus teaches us about God and what commandments we need to keep. I find it interesting to note that of all the so-called ‘prophets’, Jesus is the only one, who with God, teaches people not to eat flesh, and not to harm God’s animals. No other teachers teach these commandments, only God does.

So i think God watches all the games, and all the people, all the  time, and He knows Everything that goes on at all times everywhere. Nothing escapes His attention. I’m sure they watch us to see how we react when we win, how we react when we lose, and how we learn and grow as children. I don’t believe in superstitions, i mock them. I think that if people want to believe in superstitious things, then they should at least believe in positive superstitions, not negative ones. That’s self defeating behavior.


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