A Close Second

3 Nov

November 3, 2016

A couple days ago God said that i can have anything i want this year for my birthday. I just wonder what i should wish for . . .

I mentioned before that sometimes my dreams come true. People might think Hmmm, that must be pretty cool. But not necessarily so. Because not all dreams are good dreams. I never know if a dream i have is going to come true or not, so when you have a dream, it makes you wonder if it will come true or not. You don’t want all dreams to come true.  And you don’t have control over what dreams come true. I don’t imagine i’m the only one this happens to. I’m pretty sure it happens to other people too.

Before i mentioned that sometimes we might tell a lie, however contrary this may seem. But now i understand better. For one thing, God, being Pure Goodness and Righteousness, can never tell a lie. It’s not possible. For people it is possible, and telling a fib is certainly something God can forgive us for. God can forgive us all manner of sins, whether we tell a lie, or have weakness of the flesh, or any sin that we have. But these are not death penalty sins. Surely our parents on Earth don’t give us the death penalty for minor mistakes, and certainly God doesn’t either. But make not mistake about it, we will get the death penalty for death penalty offenses. Keeping the words and commandments of Jesus will give us life everlasting, but failing to do so will not bring us life, but death. The important thing is not that we are perfect, but that we are trying our best, and that we recognize the importance of it.

Of course God can and will forgive us of all our sins if we repent, and He will help us to overcome the world. God helped me to understand that it’s better to be in the habit of doing what you say you are going to do. Not only does this give you a good reputation as an honest man, it’s keeps you from saying things that aren’t true. It’s important to work at being honest, because it’s too easy to fall into the trap of saying you will do things you will never do.That’s an easy trap to fall into, and this is how we avoid it.


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