If It Smells LIke A Donkey . . .

30 Oct

October 30, 2016

I mentioned before that it depends on whether people believe God’s Word, or not. But even more importantly is whether they obey God. The people don’t necessarily have to believe. If someone said I’m not sure if this is True, but i’m not going to take any chances with my Spiritual Life, so i’m going to obey God anyway, and i’ll believe it when i see it, then they would also be saved. Because we are saved by obeying, not just believing.

Some things in the Bible i find seemingly contradictory, even in Jesus’ Words. Jesus told us, He is the Way, the Truth, and the LIght. This i know. But some things confuse me, until i have understanding. Such as, Jesus tells us to be like our Father in Heaven, and love even our enemies. At the same time, Jesus tells us not to give that which is holy unto the dogs. ? So what do we do? Of course, we love everybody. That is a given. But if people hate us and try to kill us, we’re not going to help them kill us. No, that is contrary to common sense. So we don’t have anything to do with people who try to kill us. However, if we find them injured, lying in the ditch, then we are honor bound, as children of God to try and help them.

God made us, and gave us great strength and power over all the animals and such. God did this so that we would be like Him, and go forth and do good things, and help those around us, people and animals. God did not create us to go forth and hurt others, and do evil. So if we live our lives helping others, and living like the sons and daughters of God, then our Heavenly Parents will be very proud of us. This is what God made us for. That’s also why all evil people are going to be separated out, and destroyed.


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