The Three Guesses

29 Oct

October 28, 2016

I asked God, When will the end of the world be? God told me that He would give me three guesses.

Someone mentioned how the economy is broken, and everyone has to have two jobs, just to pay the mortgage and taxes. The system is really messed up, and i hate to even read the news because it just makes me mad sometimes, because there is just more of it every day. Such as the former disgraced governor of Oregon spent a few years in office ripping off the taxpayers and using the office for personal gain and profit. Then, he gets caught being bribed and whatnot, and so he resigns. After he makes a career out of ripping off the taxpayers, he then retires, on the taxpayer dime, and keeps his state retirement pension. Not only that, but apparently he gets to keep all the money he got bribed with, too. No wonder the state is broken. Meanwhile, little kids have no food, and no shoes or coats, while these crooked politicians get fat off the system. Yeah, it makes me mad sometimes.


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