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29 Oct

October 29, 2016

I talked to one man who has two jobs. He carries freight by day, and his second job is hanging sheetrock, by himself. You’re not going to find a harder working man such as this. What a shame this guy has to have two jobs, just to eat, and have a place to live, while the government workers that he voted for rip off the the taxpayers and the system and get rich laying around in their pajamas. These people are literally breaking their backs just to put a roof over there heads. If that’s the role that government plays, it needs to be disbanded.

I read that some cities are passing laws such as you can’t sit on the sidewalk, or you can’t lie down anywhere in the city limits, or something like that. I think they should pass different laws. Such as laws outlawing hitting people with clubs, and spraying mace on them and such.

God’s word is very clear. Thou shalt not eat flesh, or you will pay with your own life. Not only does God give man this commandment after the flood, God also gave us the commandment not to kill. So people who kill animals and eat flesh are actually breaking two commandments, not just one. Actually three, because they are also breaking the first and greatest commandment. People get so confused by God’s word, and yet, He couldn’t make it any more clearer.

Deuteronomy Chapter 5

17 Thou shalt not kill.


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