Christians Don’t Eat Flesh

29 Oct

October 29, 2016

Before i mentioned that if we eat flesh, we are breaking two or three commandments. Now i see that we are breaking the first and second commandments, and so by eating flesh, we are breaking the entire law and the prophets altogether, everything. We will never get to Heaven if we eat flesh. Not even close.

If we want to go to Heaven, we have to know the Truth. To discover the Truth, God has to tell it to us, or else we would never know. The only way that we know it’s the Truth and the only way we can believe it, is if God tells it to us. And God did tell it to us, in His Word. That’s how we learn how to get to Heaven, and that’s how we know it’s True.  If you ask God a question, He will most likely tell you to read His Word, and see what He says, which you should have already. If you don’t believe God’s Word is True, then you are questioning God’s integrity and calling Him a liar. But we have to ask God if we want to know the Truth, because He is the only One who can tell us. Then it’s up to you whether if you believe God, or not.



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