The Holy Church

25 Oct

October 25, 2016

Previously i mentioned that being a Christian means carrying out the will of God, whatever it may be. And as i also mentioned before, you’re not going to find out what God wants you to do, by asking Jim. You have to ask God what His will is. No one else can tell you.

This is taught to us by Jesus, who taught us to pray the Lord’s Prayer. This is how Jesus saved us, by teaching us God’s commandments, and teaching us how to pray. When we pray, we don’t pray “my will be done” we pray “Thy will be done”.  This is how we teach people about God. We give them the Holy Bible, which contains all God’s commandments we need to be saved, and we teach them to pray. We give them God’s “phone number”, and put them in direct touch with God. And that’s how people learn about God. There is no way that Jim can tell me what God’s will is for me, or for anyone else.

I mentioned before that the local Christians around here were going around asking people to pray for them so they could get lots of money. Again, they are praying their own will be done. When we become true Christians, we give up everything for God, even our own lives. I spent the first 50 years of my life praying my will be done, until i finally learned from God how to pray. And the rest is history.

If people love God and are trying their best to carry out His will, God will hear and answer all their prayers. But if people aren’t trying, God’s ears are closed to sinners. If people pray to God something such as help me to understand, what should i do? Maybe they won’t hear anything, or understand anything right away. But they might wake up the next morning, and automatically know the answer. When people realize God is active in their lives, and not everything that is happening is because of ‘coincidence’, that is the beginning of their relationship with God. The only “church” people need is a Bible, and prayer. This is the only true Church. All other churches are of men.


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