Easy To Understand

25 Oct

October 24, 2016

Before i mentioned about having open comms with God, and i thought i would try to describe  what it is like. in 2003, i distinctly heard God’s voice answer me in my prayer. It was very clear. It’s like when you are having a dream, and someone is talking to you in your dream. You don’t really hear voices, it seems more like i hear thoughts. But i have to be careful because i can get faked out. But now i am better at it and God helps me to discern. And sometimes i just suddenly  understand things.  When i suddenly understand things, receiving clarity, that is unlike “hearing voices” that cannot be identified. Understanding comes only  from God, and so there is no question on my part. But for the most part, it’s very clear and easily understandable, without trying or putting any effort. We’re number 2, we don’t even try.

So if you want to talk to God, listen to the thoughts  you receive in your head, and begin to discern them. Some people may think it is impossible, but they might even surprise themselves. But Jesus even told us – call no man ‘master’, because Jesus is the only one who can teach us about God. And so we have to learn to hear God in our thoughts. For example, if i said i want to find out everything in Jim’s head, therefore i am going to go and talk to Fred and find out. I can’t find out what’s in Jim’s head from Fred, only what’s in Fred’s head. How much more then, are we unable to learn about God by asking other men what is in God’s thoughts. it’s impossible to learn about God from men. That’s why Jesus taught us to seek knowledge and understanding from God, only. Ask in private, and He will reward you openly. Asking men to teach you about God will only lead you to errors. Now if men got together and shared openly and equally, that’s one thing. But for one guy to stand up and say “This is how it is. I know God’s Mind completely” to me, that is complete error. “this is my understanding” may be appropriate.

People may wonder where i get all my experience with Christians. Well, i mentioned before about the pastor of the church gave me his ‘business’ card and invited me to his church. Later, on more than two occasions, he came to my work and profaned God’s Holy Name, in my presence. I went to the local church, and they proudly proclaimed “we are all hypocrites here”. Do they even know what they are saying? Do they know what a hypocrite is? A hypocrite is someone who doesn’t practice what they preach. For example, a ‘Christian’ who says they love God and keep His commandments and yet they eat flesh. They do not practice what they preach. A person who says one thing and does quite another, that is the description of a liar. So a hypocrite is a liar. They say one thing, and do another.  Anyone who loves God and keeps the Gospel would never have any association with liars. We are commanded not to. Just like we are commanded not to try and learn about Jesus from other men. We can welcome their experience, but the moment someone proclaims knowledge of God, then it must conform to Scripture. Otherwise, we know it is false.

Well, i’m no stranger to weird dreams. I remember in 1978 or 77 waking up in the middle of the night having a dream, and i was standing up on my bed and running in place. After Navy boot camp i went to basic electricity school, which was all review to me because i had learned all that stuff getting my amateur radio licenses in high school. It was a self paced course and i would read a chapter, then go down the hall to the testing center and take a test on that chapter. If you passed the test, you could advance to the next chapter. So i cruised through that school, just as fast as i could. I was so far ahead of the course, i was like 80 hours ahead. But, even though i was going so fast, there was some guy who was  going faster than me, and was beating me. He was like 100 hours ahead. I went faster and faster and i couldn’t catch that guy. He was a Korean student, and man, that kid was fast. Later, i learned that he had college experience, and that is why he was so fast. But it was stressful for me, and i woke up one night in my barracks, dreaming that i was going down the hall to take a test, and i woke up, opening the door that goes outside the barracks. The cold wind in my skivvies woke me up. I was very embarrassed, and glad no one saw me. I was paranoid after that too, because i heard if you get caught sleepwalking, they will throw you out of the Navy. I guess some people are more prone to sleepwalking, or something. One thing i noticed was when i used to drink every night and pass out drunk, i never remembered any dreams. But after i got sober, i started having dreams again and remembering them. It’s fun having dreams.


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