Dreams Do Come True

24 Oct

October 23, 2016

It’s kind of like i went into some different kind of zone, where my dreams come true, and i have open comms with God. i have received a ton of information. Some of my dreams i had did come true lately. One night i woke up in the middle of the dream, some man was telling me about a song, and in the second verse it talked about Rainbows. It’s fascinating, yet like i said before, i don’t know what it is exactly, or what’s happening exactly, like maybe i died, and i’m having weird dreams or i’m in the twilight zone or something.

But some things i do know, and those are the things that God tells me. Now i understand that when Jesus was on Earth, He was perfect. Jesus never harmed anyone, people or animals. It is well known that Jesus and his cousin John the Baptist were Nazarenes, which were Essenes from Nazareth. That makes me wonder – were they Jews? Since God is actually the Father of Jesus, i don’t know if that would make Jesus be a Jew. We know that the Essenes were vegetarians and so we know Jesus was a vegetarian. That’s how we know Jesus never harmed anyone. He went around healing people, and helping people. That’s why He was innocent when they murdered Him, because He never did anything wrong. Only God could live a perfect life. We can never be perfect. All we can do is the best that we can. And we shouldn’t feel bad if it is hard to be a Christian sometimes and do God’s will. Because when we read about Jesus, even though He was God, it was even difficult for Him. He had to pray and pray. We also have to pray, although i don’t think we need to pray fervently, except in extreme circumstances, because God knows what we need before we even ask. If we pray with great faith then we don’t need to pray fervently.

Also i know that Jesus was a vegetarian because Jesus was the Son of God, and one of God’s first commandments is not to eat flesh. So Jesus, being the Son of God, we know He will never eat flesh. And if anyone did tell you that it was OK to eat flesh, then you know that person is not the Son of God, and is not even representing God’s own Words honestly.

I mentioned before about how thinking about eating flesh makes people upset. Such as, thinking of something like looking at a gut pile from a deer, and thinking to yourself “Yummm yumm i would just love to dig in to that steaming gut pile and eat it so much!” Because if people were intended to eat stuff like that, it would look good to them, not sick and disgusting and make people puke their guts out.


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