Spaghetti Blood Vessels

23 Oct

October 23, 2016

I thought about people who eat flesh, and some of the funny ideas they have. Such as, people will eat dead cow flesh, dead pig flesh, dead bird flesh, and enjoy it so much. Yet, if you tell those people “Why not eat some nice dog meat?” those people will get all grossed out, thinking about eating dog flesh. The same thing if you tell them to eat a cat, they will be disgusted. If you told them there was cat meat in their food, they might puke. But these same people eat pig flesh, and i don’t think anything is more disgusting than that.

So it goes to show that eating flesh is wrong, because it makes people get grossed out. The only way that people can stomach eating flesh is by eating what they have been accustomed to, eating what they were taught to eat. I imagine if you raised a child as a vegetarian, in their grown up years you could probably not get them to eat flesh, because the very idea of it would gross them out. Just like people get grossed out thinking about eating some monkey jerky. If you get grossed out thinking about eating things, you shouldn’t eat them. That’s why people get grossed out, because eating flesh is wrong. Otherwise, they would enjoy thinking about it.


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