The Speed Of Time

22 Oct

October 21, 2016

Before i mentioned that the only thing that people need to be saved is to love God, completely. If people do, it will naturally follow that they will do their best to keep HIs commandments. So now it seems to me that the only unforgiveable sin, that i can think of, is to break the first and greatest commandment – to love God. If people don’t love God, nothing else matters.

I read a lot about secret societies and liars clubs and the people who want to establish a NWO and rule the world, such as the illuminutties. Fools are they, who set themselves up against God. It makes you cringe. But one of the tricks these nutjobs do, is they show in plain sight every evil thing that they are planning to do, and are doing (such as vaccinations). They show these things in plain sight, and most people don’t recognize them for what they really are. Now with this Modus operandi used, i believe these evil people have also altered the Bible, and as usual, they leave part of the Scripture intact – the part where God commands man not to eat flesh, and tells man he will require his blood if he does eat flesh. Then, they deliberately deceive people and convince them that they “need to eat meat”. Then they have deceived the people, and even put the Truth in plain sight. Their idea is that they are not going to be saved, and they don’t want anyone else to be saved, either. By the time people realize God’s word is True, not to eat flesh, they hope to have those people damned. Which could be True, although God told me They generally don’t convict people who don’t know any better. It’s the same old battle, Satan trying to get people condemned to hell, and God saving His people. There is no way that Satan can win. Soon the battle will be over, and that’s going to be the End for Satan.



Sinister Sites: The Georgia Guidestones


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