A Time And PLace

21 Oct

October 20, 2016

Before i mentioned that Colin Kaepernick doesn’t seem to have much support in his protests against police racism and brutality. I didn’t realize the fans became abusive over these protests, probably i assume because they think it’s disrespectful to the anthem. I also didn’t know the NFL owners don’t like the protests, and have ordered NFL players not to kneel. As for me, i’m a free man, and i don’t care if anyone orders me to salute their flag or honor their song, i can do whatever i like. God made me a free man. But i’m not in danger of losing my multimillion dollars, either, or my career. So there is a difference between being brave and being rash or foolish.

I read that players were told that NFL games are not the place to carry out these protests. At first, i disagreed. But after thinking, i agree with the owners. Players don’t want to be received as disrespectful, or disobedient to their employers. Maybe the players could all wear pink armbands, or something like that, but still honor the anthem. If a player feels that strongly, they could make a website, and outside their work, off the field, they could become activists and help to educate the public. I think about the poor black children living in the slums, and if the NFL players don’t stand up for them or support them, then the NFL players are really no different from any of the other rich folks who don’t care about them either.


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