Sorry About That

16 Oct

October 16, 2016

Well i’d like to apologize to Colin Kaepernick for the comments he received from the so-called “supreme court justice”, ginsburg. First of all, i see the criticism of Colin by ginsburg IS the very problem he is protesting against. Ginsburg is happy with the system that is in place, to her it’s not a problem. She’s not being shot at or racially intimidated or harassed. And if anyone in the “lower classes” complains, well, to ginsburg, too bad. They are just dumb and stupid. Then ginsburg had the gall to lie and say she never heard about the plight of the black man! Anyone who is unaware of the troubles of the black man recently, or for the last 40o years is so out of touch as to not be believable. So i want to commend Colin Kaepernick for bravery. At least Colin is brave enough to stand up for what he believes in. When i see how little support Colin gets from his own fellow black men, then i begin to understand just why the black people have been held in oppression for 400 years.


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