Human Error

16 Oct

October 16, 2016

Well i sure am very glad and thankful that God showed me everything. I give thanks to God every day for forgiving my sins. I begin to understand why loving God is the greatest commandment. Above all, we love God. To be human is to make errors, so if we love God and are trying our best everyday, then there are certainly allowances made for making errors. Since we are not perfect, God has made a way possible for us to be saved without being perfect. It all begins with loving God, and He knows if we do if we keep His commandments, the best we can. It’s like loving your spouse. You will obey all your spouse’s wishes, because you love them that much. I realize if people love God very much, that’s all they really need to be saved.

I think my work here is just about done. Now that i realize everything is fake, there’s nothing left to prove that’s fake anymore.


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