Math Helmets

15 Oct

October 15, 2016

I thought about lying, as a general rule, and of course righteous folks are honest folks. But we need to remember the saying “Do unto others . . .”. Often times when we are punished for wrongdoing, we are punished by facing the same consequences as our victims.  And i realized we would never lie under oath. That’s a whole different thing, to promise to tell the truth, and then to lie. That’s not being an honest person. We work hard everyday to be righteous, and we don’t have to worry that we will be sent to hell forever for telling a lie. It’s kind of a part of human nature. Jesus told us to keep the two greatest commandments, and He did not say anything about lying, except that lying is from Satan. As we know from the Garden, Satan is the big liar, since the beginning.

I mentioned before that Christianity is an action verb. As in everything, it’s not what you say you will do, it is what you actually do that gets things done. Some people can sit around and talk all day about what they will do, and they won’t get anything done. But other people won’t say a word, and go out and get things done, because it’s not what we say we will do, it is what we do.

I realized another thing too, and that is, not to necessarily believe people if they tell you that something has already been proven to be true. People might say that something has been proven true by using “numbers”. However, numbers are like statistics, and they can be used to prove anything you want. So i can’t believe everything they say is true that has been proven by numbers. And if we discover anything that has been “proven true” to be false, then we have to question everything, even things that we thought were true. I think it’s kind of like bad math.

Now i see, the Flat Earthers win! Hurray! How interesting and fascinating. Now we see, GEnesis is True. The Words of God are True. God has given us discernment.

I get the impression that the hard studying part is over now, and the rest of school is just sports and pe and movies now. I’m glad, because i didn’t want to start doing a lot more reading, and having to think about electric theory, 3,6,9 phase electric machines, and thinking about the math inside our Dome. I’m glad we can leave the math and science to the scientists and mathematicians, because too much reading and math can make my head hurt. And if something makes your head hurt, it’s not good for you, and you shouldn’t do it. Neither should you force people to do it. Why force people do learn something they can get the answer from a $1 calculator, or from an internet search. That’s not education, that’s foolish.


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