Building Strength

9 Oct

October 9, 2016

Today i was thinking about when Tom Hanks said “There’s no crying in baseball!” One thing i thought about is how you might see professional sports players crying, because they lost the game. These guys are the elite players in the world, above one percent, they are millionaires, and yet, they cry because they lost the game. We can see it’s because of their perspective.

But there is no shame in losing. There is only shame in not trying our hardest. The player might be crying, but instead he should be doing more pushups, and trying harder every day. He should be bursting into the end zone, not into tears. That’s why it’s important to keep our spirits strong, because without inner strength,we are completely weak. Healthy mind, healthy body. Strong in spirit, strong in body. So we work on increasing our inner strength and our outer strength. And we work on keeping our focus, and not losing our perspective of what’s important.

No pain, no gain. Know adversity, know gain. When you learn this, then they will call you the king of Pain. Not everyone can be the best, but everyone can try their best. Not everyone can be the Master, but everyone can be the master of one’s own self.


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