Hungry Children Everywhere

8 Oct

October 7, 2016

Before i mentioned that Jesus commanded us to go forth and be good Samaritans, and help those in need. The question then arises, who do we help, because there are a lot of people that need help, and a lot of people standing around asking for help. Thankfully, Jesus told us the answer to that question too – don’t cast your pearls before the swines. Don’t help those who abuse your help, or waste it on people who use it on drugs or booze. Of course, people are free to help whomever they feel moved to help. But it surely seems better to give food to hungry children than to give booze to a drunkard. I think that’s why Jesus told us that – because we could be feeding hungry children instead of getting the alcoholics drunk, or giving the meth heads meth. That’d be kind of like taking some good food for some kids and throwing it in the trash.


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