Don’t Go For The Fake

7 Oct

October 7, 2016

The other day i mentioned about the police shooting and the riots that followed in South Carolina. The story i heard did not match the video i saw. That is, the story was that a black police officer shot a black man. But in the supposed body cam video, i don’t see any black officers, just a bunch of white officers shooting at one guy. But now we see that it is all fake, just like the fake other shootings happening everywhere. It seems nothing is real. The police are faking these killings in order to stir up unrest and initiate martial law and start machine gunning down Americans in the streets and locking up their daughters in FEMA camps. I also mentioned before that it is the duty of the police to protect, and serve. However, apparently they no longer protect and serve the public. It seems they are protecting and serving themselfs, or someone else, not the public. It seems they are trying to cause trouble, not stop it. If so, then they are a menace to society and America and need to be arrested and prosecuted.


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