6′ X 2′ X 2′ X Eternity

6 Oct

October 5, 2016

I realized that people don’t need other people to tell them what is right and wrong for them. Only God can tell them. That’s why God gave man a conscience, so men know the difference. It’s referred to as ‘basic human decency’. If people don’t have a conscience, or the moral turpitude of decent human beings, then they are less than human. They are sub-humans, incapable of knowing the difference between right and wrong, or caring about the difference.

I thought about keeping God’s commandments at all times, and i thought about people who blaspheme God’s name and take His Name in vain. Those people don’t love God, obviously, even if they say they do. Their actions prove that they don’t. Those people will never go to Heaven because they don’t even keep the first and greatest commandment. I don’t know what God will do with those evil little Pinochio’s, or evil little Chuckie dolls – burn them alive or lock them in a coffin for Eternity – it doesn’t matter to me. I’m just glad He’s going to get rid of all of them. When people turn out evil, God doesn’t feel sorry for them, He feels sorry He created them.

I realize that farming animals for food goes against Nature. That is not what God created animals for, and God never intended for that to happen. In fact, God expressly forbid Noah from eating flesh, and said that He would require the blood of man for eating flesh. That was part of the Rainbow covenant that God made with ALL flesh, not just humans. The Rainbow is a reminder of that flesh-eating covenant God made with man and animals.

Well, whether it seems to be going by slow, or fast, time keeps going by. But time is running out, and soon it will come to an End.


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